Sunday, August 26, 2012

LEGO Day 2012

Isaac T.'s Mindstorms-equiped Dalek stands guard.
 Friday was a success! We had a good turnout, as you can see from the pictures below:

More pictures of Wes' awesome ship can be viewed here.

The open build.

The following pictures are of the model contest winners with their winning models:
Vehicles, 1st place: Nick T. with his Walking Tank.

Vehicles, 2nd place: John E. with his two awesome mecha.

Vehicles, 3rd place: John B. with his Sith Speeder

 (Not pictured: Buildings and Dioramas, 1st place: Nick K. with his Aussie Rescue diorama. Sorry Nick!)
Buildings and Dioramas, 2nd place: Clare G.'s Nautilus
Buildings and Dioramas, 3rd place: Luke T.'s Giant Spider diorama

Other Models, 1st place: Kyle S.'s Exo-Bot
Other Models, 2nd place: Jacob B. and his Space vs Castle Chess Set

Other Models, 3rd Place: Evan and Drew C. with their Museum

I'd like to thank everybody for coming, the library for making this possible, my judges for volunteering on such short notice, everybody who brought snacks, everybody who helped with photography, and anybody I am forgetting. This wouldn't have happened without you guys. 

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